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JouleBug for Business

Employee Well-Being App

JouleBug Shine is a platform that powers mobile apps for your Business. We specialize in encouraging Sustainable and Well-Being behaviors that build and strengthen relationships, increase engagement, and demonstrate in a fun way your desire to make the world a better place.

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Build your culture

Share your company values – JouleBug Shine offers multiple topics to educate and focus your workforce.

Lead your employees to well-being with customizable content packs, including Eco, Fitness, Nutrition, and Civic.

Give your employees recognition (and points) when they walk the walk.

Motivate with Challenges

Fun competition pulls in even the most reluctant participants.

Need a boost in a certain area? Challenges provide a burst of excitement that can bump your team up a notch.

JouleBug Shine Challenges are really easy to conduct and tighten the bonds within your team as you work towards a common goal.

Shine is social

Your company is about more than the bottom line. Bring your culture to life with shared activities, photos, comments, and likes.

Get to know others in your company even if they’re not in your working area.

Build camaraderie with encouraging comments, viewable only by your team.

Engage with mobile

Wellness actions happen everywhere, so use the device that everyone carries with them.

Invites, notifications, encouragements are all handled by the beautifully designed app.

See the measurable impact of the individual, the team, and your company as a whole right in the palm of your hand.

How it works

Learn how you can use the JouleBug Shine Platform to engage your organization:

1. Find Your App

Organizations create their own app to show their commitment to improving their communities, or use one of the many apps that are already powered by JouleBug Shine.

2. Run Challenges

Organizations create Challenges to encourage their people to do good things. Each Challenge has an action theme such as Eco, Nutrition, Fitness, or Civic.


3. Record Actions

Members record actions when they do them in real-life in an app powered by JouleBug Shine. They earn points and achievements as they improve themselves and their communities.

4. Collective Impact

At the end of the Challenge, everyone can see the collective impact earned through competition. Plus, the new behaviors picked up by Challenge members stick around long after its ended.

Today’s employees want to work for a company that cares about their well-being, their communities, their planet, and their combined future.


See what people are saying about apps powered by JouleBug Shine

JouleBug in Action:

JouleBug Eco is a global social network that encourages sustainable behavior and has been featured twice by Apple on the App Store

Friendly Competition

Challenges increase engagement, without getting too serious.

Content Breadth

Whatever interests you or your employees, we’ve got you covered.

Track Your Impact

Inspire teamwork by sharing your collective impact.


Employees share and support through your very own social network. All While helping themselves and the planet

Proven Technology

Featured twice by Apple on the App Store.

Your App in the Store

Show your employees you care with your own app powered by JouleBug’s technology.

Friends & Family

Extend your network beyond just your employees to get people engaged.

Easy to Set Up

Online Kiosk or Concierge Service.

Mobile First

JouleBug Apps go with you so you can play anywhere.

Serious Security

We take your users’ privacy very seriously.

Award Winning Design

JouleBug apps have been featured in the App Store and users love the experience.


Concierge Care

Want it to ‘Just Work’? Our Concierge specialist take the hassle out of decision making.

Ready to get started?

Start building your company culture today. Our friendly representative will be in touch to help you learn more about how JouleBug Shine can help you.